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Aug 3

Video: IOS IPad ArcGIS 2.4

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Aug 3

The release of both Flash Builder 4.5 and the Flex 2.4 version of ArcGIS are major milestones for geospatial developers looking to build mobile apps. The video below shows an AIR app running on an IPad2 using ArcGIS 2.4 (this same mobile ArcGIS application runs on Android devices also):

The Mobile GIS application has the following capabilities:

1. The application reads a config file, hosted on any Web server, allowing users to add their own layers.
2. Viewer loads dynamic, tiled and feature ArcGIS layers.
3. Routing Widget included.
4. Query Widget included
5. Geocoder Widget included.
6. Measure Widget included.
7. Layer Widget included
8. Overview Widget included
9. Geolocator included

The app can be downloaded from the following links:

Free GeoMobile for ArcGIS in the Apple Store

Free GeoMobile for ArcGIS in the Android Market

This initial work had now been advanced to include offline mode and offline/online editing. The following videos shows demos of each of these capabilities:

Online/Offline Mobile ArcGIS

Offline Mobile ArcGIS Shapefile Editing

Online Mobile ArcGIS Editing

WebMapSolutions are a Utah mobile application development company. We specialize in building mobile applications. Our mobile apps are cross platform, meaning they run on iPhone, IPad, Blackberry and Android devices. Using location in our mobile apps is a key specialty; check-in, location-based data collection, mapping, and GIS are important areas of our mobile business.

WebMapSolutions are located in Salt Lake City, Utah, and have been developing software since 2006. You can reach us on 801-733-0723

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