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Oct 2

Free Cross Platform Mobile ArcGIS App Upgraded

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Oct 2

Custom cross platform mobile ArcGIS application are relatively new, but offer exciting possibilities. Using one application and running it on Apple, Android and Blackberry devices. ESRI have released their own ArcGIS mobile app which allows access to ArcGISOnline. We have been investigating custom mobile ArcGIS solutions which allow users to access existing ArcGIS layers not currently within ArcGISOnline.

In 2011 we launched GeoMobile for ArcGIS Server; a free mobile ArcGIS viewer. With the release of ArcGIS online, in July 2012 we launched another free mobile app called GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online. More details can be found here:

GeoMobile for ArcGIS Server

GeoMobile for ArcGIS Server is highly customizable, and allows analysis and visualization of spatial data in ArcGIS. The free mobile app includes:

  1. The application reads a config file, hosted on any Web server, allowing users to add their own layers.
  2. Viewer loads dynamic, tiled and feature ArcGIS layers.
  3. Routing Widget included.
  4. Query Widget included
  5. Geocoder Widget included.
  6. Measure Widget included.
  7. Layer Widget included
  8. Overview Widget included
  9. Geolocator included

The following video shows a demo of GeoMobile for ArcGIS running on the IPad:

This new release is available in the Apple, Android and BlackBerry app stores from these links:

Free Mobile ArcGIS Viewer in Apple Store

Free Mobile ArcGIS Viewer in Android Market

Free Mobile ArcGIS Viewer in BlackBerry App World

The application is free because we wanted to demonstrate the use of Mobile ArcGIS across different platforms. The intention was certainly not to build a so called ‘teaser app’. Hopefully if you download the app, you will get a flavor of the potential for ArcGIS in the mobile world. We have included some sample mobile GIS tools, just for demonstration purposes. The app itself has been designed to be very flexible and extensible. Our plan is to take this framework and build custom cross platform mobile ArcGIS solutions for clients. We have been amazed by the depth and breadth of inquiries as a result of the app. Keep contacting us, these are fascinating conversations. Areas of particular focus to us are online/offline mobile GIS, mobile feature editing in the field, the integration of GPS (geolocation) into the GIS work-flow and much more. Some of these are discussed below.

We will at some point in the near future start building GeoMobile for GeoServer. An open source version of this mobile GIS app.

Offline Mobile ArcGIS

We’ve been working closely with ESRI on offline mode. The ability to store and access spatial data where Wi-Fi is not available. The video below demonstrates some of this work. You will see both base map tiles and a shapefile stored on the mobile device and loaded in offline mode:

Offline Mobile ArcGIS Shapefile Editing

We have had a number of conversations as a result of our offline mobile ArcGIS work. We’ve been asked if editing shapefiles while offline is possible. The video below shows an offline mobile ArcGIS application which allows both querying of shapefile feature attributes, and the editing of these attributes:

Online Mobile ArcGIS Editing

How about editing features on a mobile device while online? The video below shows editing feature attributes in a mobile ArcGIS application. It also demonstrates adding new features to the layer:


WebMapSolutions build Mobile GIS and Location Based Service apps. Feel free to email us about mobile projects you are planning. You can also call us on 801-733-0723.

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