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As a GIS development company, we started working with Mobile ArcGIS in late 2010. Two years of experience pushing the boundaries of mobile ArcGIS puts us today in a good position to provide a range of mobile solutions targeting both smartphones and tablets.

Mobile and Web Services Provided by WebMapSolutions

Today we offer mobile and Web software development services, much focused on ArcGIS Online. This new mapping platform has made sharing and interacting with location based data easier. ArcGIS Online allows for a more holistic approach to GIS, marrying Web, mobile and desktop technologies. We are building complimentary software solutions; mobile apps for field workers and management and visualization Web apps for office based staff, all built around the same source that is ArcGIS Online.

Our work takes on two paths; custom Web and mobile apps, and targeted modules/products for local government.

Custom Web and Mobile ArcGIS Online Apps

We are building a range of custom mobile and Web apps for clients leverage ArcGIS Online. If you have a specific application need around ArcGIS Online let’s start a conversation.

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Web and Mobile Products

This is an area into which we are currently putting greater focus. We have launched two free mobile apps, GeoMobile for ArcGIS and GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online (see below) in the last 2 years demonstrating some of the capabilities we are including with our mobile products. We are also working with the Esri Web and mobile solution templates.

GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online, the cloud based mapping platform released by Esri in 2012, offers a huge step forward for both mobile and office based ArcGIS application solutions. Soon after its release we built a framework based on the popular ArcGIS Viewer for Flex. This has allowed us to develop focused ArcGIS Online solutions for clients for iPad and Android tablets. Building both custom solutions such as online-offline editing, we have also been able to reuse widgets available in the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex. Offline of disconnected mobile editing is one of our recent areas of focus.

To support our client work we released a free version of GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online, and made it available in both the Apple and Android App stores. The app allows users to log in to their arcGIS Online account, to load published web maps and use sample tools.

Learn more about the free version of GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online below.

GeoMobile for ArcGIS Server

In late 2010, not long after the first iPad release, we began investigating taking Web based applications and moving them to mobile. Starting as a research project, we recognized the enormous potential of ArcGIS on mobiles. We built a framework which allowed tablets to interact directly with ArcGIS Server; displaying published layers, and ArcGIS tools. This wor has formed the base of much of our mobile ArcGIS efforts over the last 2 years for clients. Providing tools for field based workers to revolutionize their work processes.

We released a free version of this framework in early 2011. This was the first ArcGIS mobile app release in both the Apple and Android stores. It is configurable and provides some sample tools reworked from the ArcGIS Viewer for Flex.

Learn more about the free version of GeoMobile for ArcGIS Server.

ArcGIS Online Solution Templates

ArcGIS Online provides many new possibilities for both publishing and sharing GIS and location-based data. Integrated into the platform are Web templates. These are configurable, focused HTML5 apps which can be published in combination with your web maps to provide specific functionality. Templates can be generated for GIS focused functionality, story maps or intelligent maps. See the Esri discussion in the link below:

Esri Web ArcGIS Online Templates Discussion

We are building custom templates based on user requirements, for both Web and mobile use. Templates we host ourselves or at client preferred locations. For more on this work see our overview below:

WebMapsolutions Web ArcGIS Online Template Implementation

If you are looking at ArcGIS Online Web or mobile solutions feel free to contact us.

Working with GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online

GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online is a free mobile app we launched in the Apple and Android Apps Markets in August 2012. The app allows users to access their ArcGIS Online maps on their iPad and Android tablets. This mobile ArcGIS app goes beyond what is available in the excellent ESRI mobile app. We are actively extending the functionality of GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online for our clients.

There are a number of simple steps needed to use GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online:

Step 1 – Setup an ArcGIS Online standard map service

Standard map services are available at no cost for internal (personal or within an organization) and noncommercial, external use.

1) Sign up for a new account/30 day trial, if you have an ESRI global account, register to become a member of ArcGIS Online:


2) Configure your new account

When you have your new account verified you will see the screen below. Make careful note of the organization short name that you choose (in the case below http://wmsmobilegis.maps.arcgis.com). This is your portal address and will be used in the first screen in GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online.

Note, if you already have an account and have published webmaps skip to step 2 below.

3) This will give you access to a free account with the following features:

- Access, Share, and Manage Content (Details)
- Browse maps, apps, and data
- Access basemaps, image services, and Bing Maps
- Access maps from browsers, mobile devices, ArcGIS for Desktop
- Embed maps in web pages, blogs, applications
- Create groups and share items with groups
- Keep content private, share it publicly, or within groups
- Add your own data to maps or create mashups
- Access ArcGIS Web Mapping APIs
- Add World Geocoding Service
- Add World Routing Service
- Add Geometry Service
- Store maps, apps, and data in Esri’s cloud

4) When logged into your arcgis online portal, open the select the Map button.

5) With the default basemap (you can change this if needed). Select ‘Add’ then ‘Add layer from file’. Select a zipped shapefile on you desktop, and add this to the map.

6) Save and share the map. You have just created a web map. This is what GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online will display.

Ok, that is it for publishing your data. Very simple. But what about mobile access?

Step 2 – Download GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online.

This is now available in the Android market at this link:

Link to Android version – GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online

and the Apple App Store here:

Link to iOS version – GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online

Step 3 – Open and Use GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online

When you open GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online you will see the following welcome screen:

Enter your ArcGISOnline portal address url in the textbox. From the example above – Step 1, section 2) Configure new account – in our case that would be http://wmsmobilegis.maps.arcgis.com. When finished select submit.

The next screen you will see is below:

Login here with your ArcGIS Online credentials.

As long as you have entered a valid server url, user and password you will see the following;

Select the map you wish to load. Once loaded if you wish to load a different map, simply click the maps button in the header toolbar, and your published maps will again be listed.

We have put together a video which gives a quick overview of how to use GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online:

Mobile ArcGIS Online More Information

For more information about GeoMobile for ArcGIS Online and GeoMobile for ArcGIS Server, please visit www.geolocationsolutions.com

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