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Jun 12

7 Most Requested Mobile GIS & Location-Based App Needs

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Jun 12

Over the years, as a company, we have worked with many clients. Certain mobile needs have been requested frequently. Its helped us shape our company. Here we list the most common client needs and how we have adapted to satisfy these requests.


Simply put the ability to add functionality to the app without a rewrite. So starting with a simple framework, which allows the mobile app to grow over time.

Adaptable & Modular

The Flex viewer for ArcGIS remains a well designed application. Modules can simply be dropped into the app, a configuration file tweaked and bingo! We build many of our mobile apps with the same approach. Modules are functional entities which can simply be added to the mobile app.

Simple Workflows

We build our mobile apps for use by the widest group of users. That means simple and intuitive. Often users simply want to get their job done; as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our mobile location-based apps are easy to use, providing simple workflows. Built with careful user input and testing.

Online & Offline or Disconnected Use-age

Field workers are often in areas with spotty or no Wi-Fi access. Offline remains an area many of the big GIS and location-based API providers have pushed off or ignored. We’ve continued marching down this path, and have some intuitive solutions to this challenging problem.


We are focused on building mobile apps which are both low in cost and easy to maintain. Taking a cross-platform approach using HTML5, Javascript and Mobile Flex, means we can build one code base and distribute to multiple platforms; iOS, Android, Windows. In many cases a cross-platform approach makes sense for both mobile Web and installed mobile apps.

Easy Integration with Existing Systems

Often we develop end to end systems; client, server and database. Most of our mobile apps rely on RESTful calls to back-end systems. This makes integration with existing systems, or the likes of ArcGIS Online, easy.

Mobile GIS & Location-Based App Development Expertise

Mobile GIS and location-based app development is a specialty. Not a general programming exercise. An understanding of geography and geospatial theory is a major benefit. We have a guiding team of geospatial experts who design, develop workflows, code, test, help distribute, and support client mobile apps.

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