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Mobile and GIS are confusing. We've been pioneers in demystifying mobile GIS and developing state of the art solutions. GIS is in the midst of a revolution. WebMapSolutions are providing both thought and technical leadership, helping organizations integrate GIS into their core technology.

Mobile GIS

We are pushing the boundaries of mobile GIS technology. Our mobile GIS framework greatly simplifies cross platform, cross device GIS development. Flexibility, extensibility and offline are the cornerstones of the framework. An API allows anybody to leverage its capabilities.

Solution Providers

Advising, planning, discussing, then delivering Web & mobile GIS apps is at the center of our mission. We have a team of mobile location application specialists, who use their expertise to build the best and most appropriate location solutions.

ArcGIS Platform

The ArcGIS Platform provides unique GIS & location solutions. Uniting desktop, Web and mobile applications, its a turnkey solution for creating and sharing interactive maps. Need location intelligence or analytics? Look to ArcGIS and WebMapSolutions.

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Response to Directions Magazine Podcast on Is GIS Splitting?

October 22nd by web maps

GIS faces huge challenges. Far greater than it faced in the 90′s with the explosion of the Internet. And the opportunities for those who solve these challenges are unprecedented. GIS is moving from being a peripheral, niche technology to an integrated core technology. Let me repeat that: GIS is moving from the periphery to the more »

Directions Magazine Podcast on Is GIS Splitting?

October 22nd by web maps

It is hard to beat a healthy debate. I raised the question last month in a very popular blog post: The GIS Industry is Splitting? After reading the article, Joe and Adena at Directions Magazine devoted a podcast to this question. Listen to the conversation below: Directions Magazine Podcast: Is GIS Splitting? I don’t agree more »