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Thought Leadership

GIS is confusing. We've been providing thought leadership for nearly 20 years. The technology is in the midst of a revolution. WebMapSolutions are helping organizations move past barriers and integrate GIS into their core technology.

Flexible GIS

We are building integrated GIS solutions which are easy to use (intuitive), can be altered for your own needs and workflows (extensible, configurable), work across all devices (cross platform and cross device), and are always available (connected and disconnected).

Solution Providers

From 'Application and Integration Frameworks' to 'GIS Process' solutions. We are helping to simplify the GIS implementation path for our customers. Our team of GIS specialists are building the best and most appropriate solutions, geared for your needs.

ArcGIS Platform

The ArcGIS Platform provides unique GIS & location solutions. Uniting desktop, Web and mobile applications, its a turnkey solution for creating and sharing interactive maps. Need location intelligence or analytics? Look to ArcGIS and WebMapSolutions.

Featured Solutions:

"We wanted to implement an ArcGIS solution. WebMapSolutions helped us each step of the way."
Russell, IT Manager, San Jose
"Our users workflows are unique, we needed a custom mobile GIS app, WebMapSolutions delivered."
Katie, GIS Manager, Houston
"WebMapSolutions disconnected editing app is amazing, its a more flexible version of ArcGIS Collector"
Bill, GIS Professional, Sydney, Australia

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Simple Ways to use ArcGIS Offline

February 25th by web maps

Introduction As mobile devices; smartphones, phablets and tablets, have become ever more popular, so the need for location technology has increased. Answering the where or ‘geo’ question is in increasing demand. Esri’s ArcGIS is the most popular GIS platform in the world. The company have been evolving this platform to provide new ways to access more »

The Democratization of GIS

February 18th by web maps

Henry Ford famously wrote in the early 1900′s: “I’m going to democratize the automobile, and when I’m through, everybody will have one.” It was a bold statement. And though Ford did not invent the automobile, he was one of the pioneers of mass production providing low cost, reliable automobiles. Similar to the automobile 100 years more »

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